Holiday Workshops

How It Works.

Our Epic Workshops are for students who have been learning the instrument for at least 3 months. Every student who signs up gets to come and spend the full 45 minutes on the instrument learning a full song suitable for their ability level. They are one off workshops, and are designed to complement regular lessons.

Who Can Sign Up.

These workshops are designed for students aged between 7-12. We’ve got something for every level of student, whether they’ve been learning for 3 months or 3 years!

What To Bring.

Nothing is needed for the workshop other than focus, enthusiasm and an epic attitude! We have the instruments, the headphones, the music and any other gear you'll need. Of course, if you have your own instrument, then you’re welcome to bring it along!

Nicky says...

"Your enthusiasm and passion are reflected in my son when I see him practicing at home. He loves coming to drums, thanks Max!"

Shaye says...

"The program is wonderful. Pete raves about the teachers and has nothing but great stories . . . it's an amazing service!"
What's on these school holidays...

Electric Guitar & Bass Workshops

Drum Workshops

Keyboard Workshop

Band Workshop

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Term 1 Holidays 2024:
Electric Guitar & Bass Workshops: Monday 15th April - 11am and 1:15pm; Wednesday 24th April - 11am and 1:15pm
Drum Workshops: Friday 19th April - 11am and 1:15pm; Monday 22nd April - 11am and 1:15pm
Keyboard Workshop: Tuesday 16th April - 11am
Band Workshop: Tuesday 23rd April - 11am


Our workshops are a 45 minute long group lesson where students will usually get to learn an entire song and level up their skills! Workshops start bang on time so make sure you’re 5 min early. Typically, Epic students aged 7-12 years and who have been playing for at least 3 months prior are welcome to join our workshop.


Epic Workshops are held at our Epic HQ - 114 Cuba Street, Palmerston North.


The cost of one workshop is $20pp and are taught in groups of 4-8 students depending on signup numbers.

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