Students Aged 5-6

Music Foundations.

This is our school tuition program for year 1 & 2 students, and is run in the same format as our group lessons. In this program the students get to learn and experiment with a range of instruments, including percussion instruments, drums, ukulele, keyboard and more! They explore the basics and learn the fundamentals of playing and performing music.

EPIC Music Academy Music Foundations Program

Nicky says...

"Your enthusiasm and passion are reflected in my son when I see him practicing at home. He loves coming to drums, thanks Max!"

Shaye says...

"The program is wonderful. Pete raves about the teachers and has nothing but great stories . . . it's an amazing service!"

Vanessa says...

"This made my day! I’m actually quite impressed with Gordon. Thanks so much for making this video. This is gold!!"
Students Aged 7+

EPIC Group Lessons

EPIC Music Academy Keyboard Lesson sEPIC Music Academy drum lessonEPIC Music Academy Guitar lesson

Our most popular program is our group lessons taught in schools across the city. Lessons are made up of 2-4 students and run for 25-30 minutes during the school day, in school grounds. The instruments to choose from for students aged 7 and older are Drums, and Keyboard; students 8 years and older also have Guitar as an option. Students are given their own tuition book which tracks their progress, records feedback, and enables them to practice at home.

Wristband Progression!

EPIC gives students a real sense of progression! As they progress, students earn different coloured wristbands. Starting at white, working all the way up to their black band to become an EPIC Musician!

EPIC Music Academy concert and performing with band
Student Audition

Band Program

Our band program runs only at participating schools, during school hours and is open to all students. Entry is by audition, and an expected level of playing ability is necessary. Students have plenty of opportunities to perform across the year. This program is almost always funded by the school, however there are 'student paid' options as well.

EPIC Music Academy concert
Primary - intermediate

Concerts & Events

We hold a free school concert once a year for the schools we're in. This is where we have our EPIC Band perform an interactive, fun, and educational concert. There are also Shows available for schools that EPIC doesn't already teach at - for an agreed price.

Once a year we run a Meet the Tutor Event, giving parents a chance to talk to their child's tutor face-to-face. Plus, we hold a Concert where students get to perform in front of family and friends!

all Kids Aged 5-13

EPIC Holiday Program

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