The Epic Music Foundation
our mission is to
Create a way for students to learn who otherwise wouldn't Be Able to do so

Our Story.

Established in 2022,  we have been able to teach more than 100 students from multiple schools across the region for a heavily discounted price. The Foundation is one of the steps we’re taking to help us achieve our vision of making music tuition accessible for every primary aged student in the Manawatu.
"I loved learning different ways to hold the sticks, learning songs with the drums, making friends and my drum teacher is really really nice”.
- Jack, Epic Foundation Student.
Students perform a percussion bin piece to their school.
Students performing a guitar piece in front of their school, Takaro.

How It Works.

We consistently apply for funding and distribute this as scholarships across the schools where the need is greatest. 

Schools are also able to apply for funding for specific students, or for an entire program for their school.
"It's helped me to read and focus more."
- Sinatra, Epic Foundation Student


"We have been very fortunate to have this funding to continue our daughter's lessons, she is very passionate about her music. She has since moved up another level in her music due to this." - Christine
"I love that he’s given the opportunity that there’s different things to learn in life, that you need to practise to get better at something, and gaining confidence when he gets to the next step. Thanks heaps." - Shae
"Thank you so much Epic for being able to offer our son funded drum lessons. He is enjoying them so much and seems to show an aptitude for it." - Michelle

We Need You!

We greatly appreciate all the support and donations received - whether it's big or small - to help our families in need.  

When you donate via internet banking, please include your name in the particulars and email us to request a receipt.

Thank you for supporting us!

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